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Sarah: "Girl I had no change, I had to walk home like a brokie."
Denise: "That sucks!"
by naheedz September 07, 2017
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Now the Brokies of Hollywood are outing themselves. And no, you dont have to be gay to be one either.

β€œBrokies,” as we call ourselves, have a shared interest – Brokeback Mountain – and a sense of connection. However, it’s much more than being a bunch of movie fans. Brokeback Mountain has fostered a strong sense of community because of its impact on our lives.
by BayCityJohn May 11, 2008
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Someone who spends on expensive stuff leaving them with no money.
"I spent all my money on some hype shit, now I'm a brokie."
by Unofficial definitions September 27, 2017
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