Top G is an individual that is capable in all realms, a term created by a former chess grandmaster Emory Tate. His unmatched perspicacity coupled with his sheer indefatigability makes him a feared opponent in any realm of human endeavor. When you are a Top G you are simply dangerous at everything.
Person 1: This guy is crazy, he's rich, can fight, his driving skills are top notch and his debating skills are out of this world. What can't he do?
Person 2: You're right, he truly is the Top G.
by MaalikRichards August 24, 2022
A well off Man.

Has a great mindset
Focuses on his wealth and strength
That bugatti is owned by that top g
by A Top G July 27, 2022
What color is your Bugatti?

“I am the top G. I own 27 of them”
by TopperG August 15, 2022
Andrew Emory Tate. 4x kickboxing world champion, multimillionaire and an all around nice guy.
- Hey, I saw your girl with Andrew Tate yesterday.
- Who? The Top G?
- Yes. The Trigger Don.
- Understandable.
by Future G April 15, 2022
Andrew Tate, aka Cobra Tate, aka Mr. Producer. The Top G is a multimillionaire and a former kickboxing champion. He has a collection of about 15 supercars, that includes cars like: Rolls Royce Wraith, Aston Martin DBS Superleggera, Bugatti Chiron, Ferrari 458 Italia, Ferrari 812 Superfast, McLaren 765LT, Porsche GT Street, Lamborghini Huracán EVO Spyder and many many more.
-Bro the Top G was in town yesterday.
-The Top who?

-The Top G bruf, Andrew Tate himself.
-Never heard of him.

-Yeah that's because you're broke. Btw what color is your bugatti?
by Violator August 9, 2022
“An individual who is capable in all realms. Sheer indefatigability and unmatched perspicacity, make him a feared opponent in all realms of human endeavor. When you are Top G you are dangerous at everything. If they were to say to you you have to go on a racetrack and race Top G in supercars

you’d be like shit I have to race Top G. You have to go in the boxing ring and fight Top G, shit I have to fight Top G. You have to go debate Top G, shit I have to go debate Top G. It doesn’t matter what the competition is. As soon as they say Top G’s name, you’re gonna be like ahhh for f*ck sake. You add all this together and they are a feared opponent in any realm of human endeavor. Even things they don’t know yet, you do not want to compete with them in those things. That is why I they are Top G”-Andrew Tate
“Yo you should go compete against Andrew Tate

“No way man! He is a Top G”
by TopG100000 July 28, 2022