Top G is an individual that is capable in all realms, a term created by a former chess grandmaster Emory Tate. His unmatched perspicacity coupled with his sheer indefatigability makes him a feared opponent in any realm of human endeavor. When you are a Top G you are simply dangerous at everything.
Person 1: This guy is crazy, he's rich, can fight, his driving skills are top notch and his debating skills are out of this world. What can't he do?
Person 2: You're right, he truly is the Top G.
by MaalikRichards August 24, 2022
A well off Man.

Has a great mindset
Focuses on his wealth and strength
That bugatti is owned by that top g
by A Top G July 27, 2022
Andrew Emory Tate. 4x kickboxing world champion, multimillionaire and an all around nice guy.
- Hey, I saw your girl with Andrew Tate yesterday.
- Who? The Top G?
- Yes. The Trigger Don.
- Understandable.
by Future G April 15, 2022
What color is your Bugatti?

“I am the top G. I own 27 of them”
by TopperG August 15, 2022
Andrew Tate, aka Cobra Tate, aka Mr. Producer. The Top G is a multimillionaire and a former kickboxing champion. He has a collection of about 15 supercars, that includes cars like: Rolls Royce Wraith, Aston Martin DBS Superleggera, Bugatti Chiron, Ferrari 458 Italia, Ferrari 812 Superfast, McLaren 765LT, Porsche GT Street, Lamborghini Huracán EVO Spyder and many many more.
-Bro the Top G was in town yesterday.
-The Top who?

-The Top G bruf, Andrew Tate himself.
-Never heard of him.

-Yeah that's because you're broke. Btw what color is your bugatti?
by Violator August 9, 2022
A man whose unmatched perspicacity coupled with sheer indefatigability makes them a feared opponent in any realm of human endeavor.
Who is that man? I have been watching him and he doesn't seem to lose.

Must be a Top G
by Wita October 12, 2022
“An individual who is capable in all realms. Sheer indefatigability and unmatched perspicacity, make him a feared opponent in all realms of human endeavor. When you are Top G you are dangerous at everything. If they were to say to you you have to go on a racetrack and race Top G in supercars

you’d be like shit I have to race Top G. You have to go in the boxing ring and fight Top G, shit I have to fight Top G. You have to go debate Top G, shit I have to go debate Top G. It doesn’t matter what the competition is. As soon as they say Top G’s name, you’re gonna be like ahhh for f*ck sake. You add all this together and they are a feared opponent in any realm of human endeavor. Even things they don’t know yet, you do not want to compete with them in those things. That is why I they are Top G”-Andrew Tate
“Yo you should go compete against Andrew Tate

“No way man! He is a Top G”
by TopG100000 July 28, 2022