Britain, (England, Scotland, Wales, NORTHERN Ireland)

I'm British, from England, near Manchester (yes, Manchester United)
England is an amazing place, people have GOOD dental hygiene, the most BLOODY BRILLIANT music (youtube house music and most of all dupstep, fucking loveee it, in fact if you're american google BBC Radio 1 and listen to it, it ROCKS), probably the best literature (come on, Shakespeare and JK Rowling?), the BEST drink in the world (tea of course, very good with some yummy biscuits), i we swear alot also, heads up ;)
Americans reading this, i HAVE ALWAYS WANTED TO LIVE IN AMERICA. i have always loved your 'who gives a fuck' attitude, i have some friends that live in New York and they are some of the best people i know!! we aren't nice, friendly, respectful people that can take the piss out of ourselves and have such a sly sense of humour that most americans won't understand! (not calling you thick/stupid at all)
(okay we complain 25/8 about anything e.g. weather, teenagers, money, banks, clothes, schools, david cameron (prime minister), news, other people etc.)
I LOVE where i live, but i also LOVE America, i'm happy that our countries have such close relations, how much we have to offer each other, and the people that live in these places.

Seriously though, look up Dupstep (UKF stuff is good) and House, that music is probably the best thing since sliced bread. BBC Radio 1 play it aaaaaaaall the time.

British people aren't stuck up wankers with bad teeth just as much as American people are fat ignorant twats!
by dubstep1995 February 24, 2011
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adj. To be overly conscious of class distinctions.
Dude, Sara didn't reject you because your dad's a plumber. Don't be so British.

"I like her, but she's too...poor. Just loud and tacky and dumb. Oh my God that was really British of me."
by zack3315 December 24, 2008
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British People

The people of Great Britain have an accent that gets annoying easily. Great Britain consists of England, N. Ireland, Scotland, and Wales but if you call them British they will get offended and say "No you stupid American, I'm English!" Even though the dumbasses all come from the same country, Britain. Generally, their hobbies include drinking tea, having a horrible dental hygiene, making shitty humor, putting u's in the word humor, and pissing on Americans. Even though that proves their just as arrogant and stupid.
American: That shitbomb drinking tea with Queen Elizabeth with cornuts for teeth over there is Jack, he's British.

by That's Incredible March 15, 2015
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I'm American and I frickin love the British (ENGLANDERSSS!) there epic people and whoever talks trash about them sucks and is insecure, the British are epic and have cool accents and have some pretty women and hot guys. And the British who talks trash about Americans are insecure too.
but yeah, the British are amazing. and dont forget it.
by Skinnychick August 22, 2011
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A good, fun, tea-loving, good sitcom-producing bunch of people. Some Irish resent them for constantly taking over the small country and owning 2/3 of Ulster.

Generally good people but as an Irish person I'm a little cautious in case more riots (eg the Troubles, Easter Rising, Plantations) break out.
British people speak in lots of dialects.
by MissyUseless-and-Irish April 10, 2011
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The incorrect way to say more than one British citizen. It sounds pretty funny, and it's fun to say, so why not?
Ziggy: Dude... Don't even lie. You're one of those Britishes. You can't hide it with your accent.
Zal: Shut up! I am not!
by SilentInfatuation January 20, 2010
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