the british consist of irish, welsh, scottish and english and just like most other races, are all different. some may have yellow teeth but actually i have never noticed this, most of the people i know don't really like tea either. i do know a couple of gays but they rock, i say fuck a lot, am evidently less racist than you, czardoflad, have never said wicked in my life. if colour/color has a correct spelling at all, i spell colour right, americans are the ones who spell it wrong seeing as the american dialect has evolved from english.
a lot of great things have come out of america but czardoflad is not one of them

PS. arse sounds cool i like saying it, ass is a kind of donkey.
by anna January 07, 2005
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A godly race of people. Show up early on or on time for every war. WON WORLD WAR II I'LL HAVE YOU KNOW!!!! Not all toffs and full on tories as stereotypically thought. The majority quite rightly detest the French. Owned a third of the world back in the day until the French decided to be a bit pussy leading us to have to sell off our empire. Have the most interesting history out of all world nations. Hate George Bush but love Obama. Memorably critices any government that happens to come to power. Best sense of humour. World's best slang. World's most famous sporting nation. Need I say more about the divinity of the British race?
e.g. 1
French person: (chatting in some shit language) Sacrebleux the British pigs

British person: Mate, we fucking bailed you out of world war II. You are an ungrateful cunt.

e.g. 2

Some random American prick (granted most Americans are decent people): We own at everything, the world is a douche.

British citizen: Showing up late for every war ... Need I digress?
by BigMac2009 July 13, 2009
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Typically it is thought of as a nationality, but it has come to be a substitute word for "cool", "rad", etc.
Hey girl! Your new shoes are so british!
by alyssa xox March 21, 2007
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People with cricked ass teeth. Most of them have a boner for king Goerge the third because he screwed us americams
Those fucking British
by Piss wholes November 16, 2017
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Someone who is so proud of themselves, they fuck up their country. Including, they happen to be the most selfish humans, be careful.
British can be selfish, be careful.
by Don't-Assume-Before-Me September 10, 2016
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An indigenous person born and raised here who is decended from generations of ancestors who have for thousands of years worked, fought and died to protect this great land. Not a foreigner who's just got off a plane at Heathrow, the underside of a truck at Dover or a banana boat in the 50's.
I concider myself British because I can trace my family tree in this country back some 400 years. My grandparents fought in WW2 and my great grandparents in WW1. I would not concider myself British if I was born and could trace my family roots in another country and merely came to this country in order to find work or improve my quality of life. Equally I would not claim to be, or expect to be recognised as Indian if I upped sticks and moved to Delhi, or Nigerian if I moved to Abuja.
by A Briton February 07, 2007
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The people of Britain, has many beautiful women (please go to bestuff and look for "British Girls"). British people or people of British descent are very prominant in places like Australia. Many people have been fooled by Bridget Jones' Diary into thinking that all British are overweight, unhappy chain-smokers, as you have seen that is not the case. British people are usually very nice, but can be turn extremely angry when made fun off or insulted, so be careful. Most British hate being called "Brits" and "Roastbifs" (the English in particular).
Foreigner with no knowledge of British people: British women are fat and ugly!

British person: Incorrect, is Kiera Knightly fat and ugly? Or how about Victoria Beckham?, or Kate Winslet? etc etc
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