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when an aardvark gets itself into an awkward situation.
-mrs read walks in on arthur the aardvark masturbating-

arthur: urm...
mum: well this is arkward.
by gii. November 22, 2009
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A slang word to express discomfort in a social setting and is usually whispered under your breath.
*walking down the street*
*someone waves in your direction and you smile and wave back*
*that someone walks past you to hug the real person they were waving at*
*your face drops and you whisper under your breath β€œArkward”*
by cory1234 June 28, 2018
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Another word for Awkward

To be uncomfortable in a situaion. Also could say Awkward, but Arkward is the proper spelling of the word.
Trevor- Dude, i wanna fuck you.
Peter- Man this is Arkward.
by maneater2008 December 16, 2008
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