1) An actor whose talent, popularity and value is undermined by the society. See also underrated
2) A satire to award centers like The Academy Awards (Oscars) or Golden Globes, along with actors like Joaquin Phoenix, Brad Pitt, Edward Norton, Johnny Depp, Tom Cruise, Glenn Close...
Sad fact: Gary Oldman has only one oscar nominations and no golden globe nominations at all.

Rational guy: "Why would Gary Oldman want an oscar? I tdon't think he has time for this Mickey Mouse Bull Shit."
by kdrng June 7, 2016
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1.(adj) To change physical appearance, demeanor, and voice; to be chameleon-like 2. (v) To stand behind an opened door as someone walks through it, at which point you push it slowly closed to sneak up on them.
Way to pull a Gary Oldman on me as I walked in the door.
by Trent Bramer August 9, 2005
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Be careful, that R is a life saver. you nearly searched... well look for yourself.
John "what's your favourite letter?"
Jimmy "definitely R."
John "why's that"
Jimmy "it saved me from searching gay oldman, instead i just searched gary oldman"
by pockst3r_95 September 23, 2020
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Gary's Harry Truman in Oppenheimer; from Commissioner Gordon in 'The Dark Knight' to the White House. Leadership at its finest.
Example of how it's used in a sentence:

Person 1: Who's playing President Truman in Oppenheimer?

Person 2: It's Gary Oldman as Harry Truman , who else? From Gotham to the Oval Office.
by courtofowls September 4, 2023
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