4 definitions by steve ryanson

- noun

a person who is giving off negative vibes during an otherwise positive time

a pesimest trying to rain on one's parade

debbie downer
"that Ben guy was a real BRING DOWN. He just sat there like an idiot while I tried to get the party started."

"stop being a BRING DOWN and let's go!!! The bar is going to be crawling with cougars...and I know how much you like cougars!"
by steve ryanson May 01, 2009
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- noun

the coffee you have at night before heading out to the bar/pub/club etc.
"If I don't down a DISCO COFFEE I'm gonna fall asleep at the club."

"Wake up and stop being a bring down. You need a DISCO COFFEE or I'm going to that party without you."
by steve ryanson May 01, 2009
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- noun

a term used to describe a very short period of time.

In reference to the time counters in old school side-scrolling video games (Super Mario Bros, Ninja Gaiden, Sonic the Hedgehog, etc.) in which seconds counted down much faster than real seconds especially in the final minute. (often accompanied by faster, stressful music)
"Hang on guys, I'll be there in a NINTENDO MINUTE!"

"Tap the next keg. We drank that first one in like 3 Nintendo Minutes."
by steve ryanson May 01, 2009
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- noun

someone who when playing video games, moves the controller in front of him/her self to mimic the movements of his/her character.

especially funny when done with non-racing games, ie. jerking the controller up when making Mario perform a difficult jump
"Stop being a DRIVER; you almost knocked over my mom's vase!"

"Ryan was such a DRIVER he yanked the nintendo right off the shelf. Now we cant play Contra no more."
by steve ryanson May 01, 2009
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