I would only be stating the obvious to describe the legendary comedian, but I just want to come on here & say that BrainStern is a fucking dipshit.

Steve Martin is was great in his heyday & BrainStern should stick to Judd Apatow films.
by Soul_Driver November 5, 2011
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Unfunniest man in the world ... he's had white hair since the day he was born and even that isn't funny.
Oh my god!!! ... Did you see Steve Martin's standup gig last night??! ... the funniest thing happened ... he choked on the microphone wire and died!!
by BrainStern March 28, 2008
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the act of defecating on ones head while ejaculating on top of that then having one say "BRAIN BLAST"
"Dude, so Clara finally let me do the Jimmy Neutron Steve Martin on her yesterday.... it was amazing!"

" Karl did the most sensual thing to me yesterday, it's called The jimmy Neutron Steve Martin and i'm definitely letting him do it again to me tonight!"

"Dr. Jones told me that not only is the Jimmy Neutron Steve Martin good for your hair, its also good for your skin!"
by drunken_nights May 21, 2010
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