A ghetto word for man/boy etc
Look at that breda over there hes buff alie!
by Madie April 28, 2005
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super hot, cute, and caring. she has a big heart. anyone would want to be her friend. she's also queen thiccccc & adorbs!
Did you see her? Damn, she was a whole Breda!
by arsty30 April 9, 2018
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Inventor of the concept of fluff-you won't find this name on any tacky mug :o)
I was wasted last nite,not able for much except watchin' fluff on tv.
by BeeB January 12, 2004
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Leeroy Van-Breda is a scene kid/wannabe gangster/arkhein fag who dresses like a homo and rapes his sister multiple times.
by IronicHipsterSceneKid September 4, 2012
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A shitty ass school and a rlly bad place
Breda academy is shit
by March 19, 2023
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