8 definitions by vinnny

a cheap sausage roll given to babies by teenage mothers to shut them up while in the pram
get that gregs dummy in yer gob and stop crying
by vinnny August 18, 2006
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to suck on a womens milk filled breasts , usally undertaken by a baby or infant, but can be peformed by a mature adult when required ...... it still tastes good at 45 belive me
lets get breast feeding i need some milk for my cafe au lait
by vinnny August 25, 2006
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Grandmother i'd like to fuck simular to a mother i'd like to fuck but must be her mother, must be over 60 looks not important, as are teeth, tits and wrinkles , fav places for picking up a GILTF bingo, bridge club, cruise ships, care homes and other such places, oh and bring so lub these bitches are as dry as an arabs sandle
look at the bootie on that GILTF
by vinnny December 13, 2006
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gingerjock is a virus 92% rhe population of scotland have, symtoms of gingerjock are ginger hair, bad temper, can't go out in the sun, smelly private parts,stinky wiskey breath, hate sports, and swear at passers by,
a person suffering from gingerjock may say.
ahhhhh yer foouker get afff ma pavement crack thatzzz ma pavement yar wakkin onn,
by vinnny August 18, 2006
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the art of fiddling with a ball or balls without anybody looking
you might want to rub dirt on yer balls before a full toss, so you fumble around in your pocket then rub some on your ball until everything gos dull then you go for the middle wicket and knock one off .... also ball tampering can be a term used in cricket
by vinnny August 24, 2006
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in direct range of cock about to unleash spunk
if you were shooting a porn movie with a close up on the money shot then you as the camera man would be in the line of fire. not nice but a risk you take for having a great job
by vinnny August 18, 2006
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