to give someone something i.e. spread the wealth.
yo dawg these your brothers, you gots to break 'em off something.
by sexual chocolate September 14, 2003
To give an artifact to a peer of lesser status in an attempt to pacify them.
Peer 1: What about these youngbloods?
Peer 2: Break them off something to help them keep their heads happy.
by ksh September 13, 2003
to share or give, or surrender something.
yeah i got all these bills, i can break you off something.
by miles standish September 10, 2003
To get someone to give something or share to two or more peeps
Yo hoe is fine, my bruz here want want a piece, howz about you break then off something
by gamaroc September 8, 2003
To break out of the steady beat in a song in order to give the listener a little something extra and different.
Rap music uses this tool often to go from the steady pulse of the bass to a much less rythmic vocal rap.

Other phrase: Break them off a little something, something.
by Mojo September 10, 2003