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Someone who is your age or close to it.
"I sentence you to be exposed before your peers! Tear down the wall!!!!!!"
by Xavier breath March 22, 2005
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people in the same group as you, for example same age or same class.
Andy's peers graduated in 1999, but Andy is a mouth-breather so he had to stay back a year.
by i have a large wang March 12, 2004
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One who pees.
When two strangers meet at a bank of urinals, they suddenly become intensely interested in the ceiling or the corners of the room opposite their fellow peer.
by beecheese December 11, 2008
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Yes, that fagass who zaps everyone using 56k. Damnit cass!
* Cass has quit. (Connection reset by peer).

03:33:20 <Jimbo> GOD DAMNIT NO!
by Kelyas April 20, 2003
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