You tell this to a person when you want to wish someone a good nights sleep.
-Break a leg sleeping. -Thanks
by darulis June 18, 2020
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A phrase coined by the supersexual luke N.Tall by mistake.
Mike: I'd feed it to that bitch
Ryan: Yeah I'd pound that whore
Luke:Yeah I'd break her legs.(whole room goes quiet)
by R.M April 12, 2005
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The act of anal sex.
A nice tight ass looks remarkably like a Daddy-long-legs spider, hence the insertion of a penis appears to be breaking the legs off that same spider.
" Man, that girl loves it hard. After fucking for awhile she grabbed the lube, slapped her ass and told me she wanted to break the legs off the spider."
by the Den of Iniquity December 06, 2006
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A phrase usually used by a guy to tell a girl that if another guy hurts her emotionally that he's there for her. Example: He will beat the living shit out of the other guy so that when his mother looks at him she says "Jesus fucking Mary doggystyle Christ what happened?" Most commonly used when a girl is going to get with another guy when the person saying this phrase has a crush on the girl.
Sally: I might go out with Johnny.
Mike: He breaks your heart I break his legs.
Mike: I'll break him so bad, when his mom looks at him she'll say "Jesus fucking Mary doggystyle Christ."
Sally: Wow you really mean that Mike?
Mike: Yup.
Sally: I might think twice about going out with that asshole Johnny now..
Mike's thought: oriighht
by MrDinkleberry November 05, 2005
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Danny's family told him to “break a leg” right before he went up on stage.”
by sussy pie October 29, 2021
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