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A combination of the main holiday terms; Christmas, Hannukah, Kwanza, and Ramadan.
To be used in this age of correctness where people may be offended by wishing one person a seasonal greeting but leaving another person out, thereby offending their race or creed.
" Happy Christmahannukwanzadan everybody...and I think that covers everybody "
by the Den of Iniquity December 7, 2006
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One step above "Cougar" in the scale of women. Pussy so old its fossilized.
a.k.a. Rapidly aging, Botox-addict and ex-supermodel Janice Dickinson.

" Man, what a gynosaur...I'd probably screw her, just gotta remember to blow the dust off first. "
by the Den of Iniquity October 6, 2006
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This occurs when attempting to perform an East Indian Burn on your girlfriend's leg. The difference is that it is done after consuming too much Jerk Chicken and Red Stripe and results in sharting on your partner instead.
Usually results in an instant termination of the relationship.
" I think my girlfriend and I are done, dude. I tried to fart on her leg, and ended up giving her a West Indian Burn on her! Shouldn't have eaten at that Jamaican place last night."
by the Den of Iniquity December 6, 2006
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The shortened form of "I don't know".
Pronounced as Ah - Da - No.
Used as a code-word for doing something that may be deemed inappropriate (such as smoking dope) by somone nearby who is not involved in the conversation.
Me: " Hey man, what are you doing tonight?"
You: " Adano "
Me: "Well, me and the guys are gonna be doing some Adano too, why not cruise by?"
by the Den of Iniquity December 6, 2006
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The act of anal sex.
A nice tight ass looks remarkably like a Daddy-long-legs spider, hence the insertion of a penis appears to be breaking the legs off that same spider.
" Man, that girl loves it hard. After fucking for awhile she grabbed the lube, slapped her ass and told me she wanted to break the legs off the spider."
by the Den of Iniquity December 6, 2006
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When someone makes a rhetorical and redundant statement about a situation to seem humorous and intelligent. Instead of coming off as such, it usually reduces the intellect of the person making the statement. This is often, and efficiently done by the semi-retarded and socially inept character Horatio Caine on CSI Miami. The usual result is that the person hearing this will roll their eyes, sigh, and change the channel. Also referred to as Tautology.
Suspect #1 - " I swear I didn't touch her!"
H. Caine - "You don't have to touch someone to shoot them."
Suspect #2 - "Shit, dude... you just got Cained!!"
by the Den of Iniquity May 11, 2010
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An occasion like Hallowe'en, April Fool's, or Father's/Mother's Day. Though not categorized as an official holiday, is often used as a good occasion to get a good drunk on with friends.
" Shit dude! It's Hallowe'en, my favorite alcoholiday! Let's get done up as Zombies and get druuuuunk!!!"
by the Den of Iniquity November 2, 2006
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