the act of puncturing a vagina with an object or a finger. this usually occurs unexpectedly while the chick still has pants on.
victoria: I breadsticked ellina with a metal spoon last night XD

nathaniel: I want to breadstick olivea so hard with my finger

josie: I was breadsticking victoria while she was breadsticking elaina
by devilworshipear February 21, 2016
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Breadstick - Bread, which is conveniently stick shaped
Damn, that's a really nice looking breadstick.
by YokelBurg June 09, 2019
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Person 1: Oh hahaha, he just got 1 kill.
Person 2: Yeah he breadsticked.
by Im a bk May 17, 2016
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When you smoke a large amount of weed and get severely baked; just as a breadstick does.
John: " We just smoked a shit ton of weed"
Alex: "Hell yeah, we are so breadstick right now"
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by gaseatinszn November 08, 2017
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Another word for a person you are dating on the side, your side piece. They are not the main course, they are your bread stick, maybe they are better than the main course your significant other or maybe they are just what you need before you start the meal.
I'm going to see my breadstick this weekend, while Riley is at that business conference in Boston.
by Gwen Cooper December 15, 2015
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