A term for a man's penis after having sex with a woman with a severe yeast infection.
Devon: Hey Braaaaaa! How was your date with Cindy last night? Get some?
Carlos: Yea man. I got some. I got more than I wanted actually.
Devon: How so, Braaaa?
Carlos: The dirty ho had a nasty yeast infection and didn't tell me. I wound up with a wicked Bread Stick.
Devon: That's rank ass nasty, Braaaa!
by Eaton Holgoode June 24, 2009
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a lowly human being that is annoying af towards you or just annoys so much crap out of you that in your mind they turn into a cold, chunky masterpiece of flour, wheat, and yeast.
omg that chick payton won't leave me alone. she is such a breadstick.
by ayevory June 25, 2015
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Big Breadstick Behan (BBB) defined as a term used for a not so professional athlete

Big Breadstick Behan is the pseudonym or player name of professional sussex court league athlete Ollie Behan. Famously known for his clutch freethrows, tipp-ins and rebounds, BBB is a basketball legend in the making. His training routine includes drinking alcohol in excessive proportions and ordering takeaways. Just like people yell 'KOOOOBE' or 'Curry Range' before draining a three from beyond the arc, one might yell 'BREADSTICK MOVES!' before an easy lay in or 'BIG BREADSTICK RANGE' before airballing a three.
'Big Breadstick with the chokes boi!' - Drake, Summer Sixteen (In.. oh well.... Summer 16)
by breadstickfan123 May 20, 2016
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A word which refers to two different types of bread which are stuffed into one's purse at the awkward end of a date, according to Tumblr.
Me: *stuffing breadsticks into my purse* I've got to go
by cpatpan July 26, 2015
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A name given to a "white" acquaintance who you wouldn't consider a wigger or a whitey
Yo Breadstick, wut up dawg?
by Ad Dawg March 22, 2003
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A loaf of bread. If from Olive Garden it is often associated with the return of Christ.
Hey man do you like breadsticks

Cool have you heard of Christ returning
You mean Olive Garden bread sticks
Yah man
by Phoenixel October 20, 2016
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