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my kool friend in mexico!
i went to mexico to see ITZEL.
by manny October 18, 2003

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Sexy mofo such a gangsta
Manvir is FINE !!!
by Manny January 29, 2004

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cum, sperm, man juice, i could go on
Man this girl really loved my love nectar so she sucked me dry
by Manny February 22, 2004

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The bottom part of a muffin. Many times left behind as refuse due to its lack of taste.
Girl, where did all these muffin stumps come from? Where are all the tops for these muffins?
by Manny November 25, 2003

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An undesirable or offensive person -- similar to ass wipe, but reserved for one who is even more offensive.
Kyle is such a fucking pussy wipe. I hope he gets hit by a truck
by Manny November 25, 2003

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1. spanish interjection
2. bothersome event
3. the act of fornicating profusely
1. ¡Qué jodienda coño!
2. Ay, esta jodienda me encojona.
3. Acho, que jodienda me tuve anoche.
by manny December 21, 2003

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a store in florida very funny sounds like masterbate
perry took that picture at master bait and tackle
by manny December 04, 2004

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