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A dessert made of a very moist and cinnamon flavored bread. Often served with the same icing found on cinnamon rolls as well as vanilla ice cream. A favorite among elderly people. Also happens to be the most delicious dessert ever invent...
Grandma is going to make me some bread pudding.
by 1022 July 22, 2008
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When a guy cream pies a woman with a yeast infection.
I realized I gave her bread pudding last night after she said she had a yeast infection. I though she smelled a little funky.
by LunberJack April 01, 2016
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A dessert item that you must be a frequent flyer/extended stay homeowner in a local county jail or state corrections facility to enjoy . contains bread and pudding products ground up together arranged in a more appealing fasion .

Also used as currency, projectile/weopon and or gambling payment
I slapped that bitch wit my bread pudding;

Bitch you owe me 2 bread puddings ;
You gon have to pay 3 bread puddings for that
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by BreezyS36408 April 20, 2017
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