No matter what you look up on Urban Dictionary, at least one definition WILL be an absurd sex move. Usually involves taking a dump on your partner.
Background Kid 1: Dude, I looked up "Porcupine" on Urban Dictionary and it was a sex move!

Background Kid 2: If I was any less surprised right now my brain would shut down.

Background Kid 1: I looked up "Urban Dictionary" and that was a sex move, too!

Background Kid 2: *dies*
by Splek October 15, 2008
When ejaculation, you make sure that the majority goes into her mouth - but u leave a little trail of semen on her top lip resembling the Hitler moustache.

If your jewish this isnt advised.
Hey dude, that girl got so badly got "Hitler Sex Moved" last night.

Umm im jewish.

by MFawcett November 10, 2010
When a man shoots his cum like a gun at the woman. After he inserts his dick in the woman and fortnite dances while his dick is in the woman
A man used his fortnite sex move on me last night
by Fortnitefag7383845 December 8, 2020
When you get on the dance floor and while having a serious dance battle with your homie, a couple of groupies walk up and you proceed with intercourse intertwined with very serious and complicated dance moves
"I was getting down with Mike on the dance floor when Keisha came up and we started complicated sex moves"
by dickemdaddy2019 May 12, 2015
Fucking a bitch from behind cum in your hand and smack it on the booty.
I gave that dirty hoe the milkman sex move last night.
by gamerschucks November 10, 2019
Having anal sex with a woman after she shat. Then sticking your penis into her eyes to make it look as though she has black eyes.
Charlemagne: Yo dawg i pulled the wifebeater (sex move) on my girl last night.

Stephen Hawking: Haha man, that is tight. hopefully she washed it off after
by TheWierdestKid July 29, 2009
When the male cums but aims it at the woman to kill her. After the cum hits the male will do take the L while his dick is inserted in the woman
Last night a guy used the fortnite sex move on me
by Fortnitefag7383845 December 8, 2020