a 40 of Olde English 800 mixed with some OJ.

Typically one drinks the 40 down until the beer is level with the top of the cylinder of the bottle, then fill the bottle back up to the top with orange juice.

It is a very tasty treat.

Otherwise known as the "poor man's mimosa."
You wanna hit this Cognac man?

Nah... Poor Man's Mimosas until the day I die...
by Tha Cuddla August 26, 2004
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Every sailing ship had to have cannon for protection. Cannon of the times required round iron cannonballs. The master wanted to store the cannonballs such that they could be of instant use when needed, yet not roll around the gun deck. The solution was to stack them up in a square-based pyramid next to the cannon. The top level of the stack had one ball, the next level down had four, the next had nine, the next had sixteen, and so on. Four levels would provide a stack of 30 cannonballs. The only real problem was how to keep the bottom level from sliding out from under the weight of the higher levels. To do this, they devised a small brass plate ("brass monkey") with one rounded indentation for each cannonball in the bottom layer. Brass was used because the cannonballs wouldn't rust to the "brass monkey", but would rust to an iron one.

When temperature falls, brass contracts in size faster than iron. As it got cold on the gun decks, the indentations in the brass monkey would get smaller than the iron cannonballs they were holding. If the temperature got cold enough, the bottom layer would pop out of the indentations spilling the entire pyramid over the deck. Thus it was, quite literally, cold enough to freeze the balls off a brass monkey.
by Mike January 29, 2005
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A drink made from mixing a 40oz bottle of malt liquor with orange juice. Commonly on tha street, this is done by drinking your 40 to the top of its label, then filling it to the top with OJ. This drink was popularized in the Beastie Boys song, "Brass Monkey"
"I'll down a 40 dog in a single gulp And if you got beef you'll get beat to a pulp" Excerpt from "Brass Monkey"
by Mondo Gecko September 14, 2005
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The BEST song of all time by the Beastie boys. If you listen to this you’re elite and deserve rights. You are VERY poggers
by shmores May 27, 2020
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While the exact origin of the term 'brass monkey' is unkown, it's 200-plus year usage history indicates its original meaning is related to the Kelvin Spheres that sit on either side of a ship's binnacle. The balls, which are iron, help offset magnetic shifts so the compass inside the binnacle remains pointed toward magnetic north. The two balls are traditionally mounted on brass arms, which were called 'monkeys' by sailors in the 18th and 19th centuries.

The phrase 'cold enough to freeze the balls off a brass monkey' didn't rear its head into common usage until the 20th century. Original uses referred to 'freezing the tail of a brass monkey,' or 'melting the nose off a brass monkey,' and can be found in 19th century sailing texts like Herman Melville's "Omoo" ('...it was 'ot enough to melt the nose h'off a brass monkey....').

Again, while the exact meaning is unkown, the term has beeen definitively rejected by the Department of the Navy, the Oxford English Dictionary and other noted etymologists as describing a pyramid of cannonballs on a brass tray. Not only were they never used on board ship during the age of sail as they would have rolled everywhere with the rocking of the ship, but the balls and tray would expand and contract at nearly the same rate due to cold and heat, and therefore the stack would never have fallen apart due temperature change.
'Cold enough to freeze the tail off a brass monkey.'
by Sailor Clay May 18, 2009
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(n) 1. an alcoholic beverage consisting of vodka, rum (usually dark), and orange juice. Essentially a screwdriver with rum. Named for the brass-like color the dark rum and OJ create when mixed.
2. an alcoholic beverage consisting of malt liquor (usually 8 Ball or St. Ides) and Sunny Delight.
3. a 40 oz bottle of booze
4. a dance one can only do when drunk out of his mind.
5. a penis; a dick or schlong
6. An expression used to mean cold or chilly weather.
1. "Monkey tastes def when you pour it on ice
Come on y'all it's time to get nice" - The Beastie Boys, "Brass Monkey"
2. "Cause I drink it anytime - and anyplace
When it's time to get ill - I pour it on my face" - The Beastie Boys
3. I'm going to get some o' dat brass monkey down on Crenshaw, J ...you wanna come?
4. "I got gold, I got funky
I got the new dance they call the Brass Monkey"- "Slow Ride", Beastie Boys
5. Damn, she was all up on my brass monkey.
6. It's cold enough to freeze a brass monkey's balls OR It's colder than a brass monkey's ass.

by Jam Master J March 10, 2006
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Alcoholic beverage consisting of Rum, Vodka,and Orange Juice.
This is the recipe of the drink that inspired the beastie boys to write Brass Monkey. It's a popular drink to have when your in high school. And I mean "IN" school. Teachers and faculty can't detect the smell of alcohol over the orange juice.
by Jayson Lewellyn December 20, 2003
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