Someone who buys and prominantly displays name brand products (or products that feature large corporate logos) under the belief that such loyalty to a label or corporation is a chachet and brings prestige to their otherwise lack of taste, regardless of the actual quality or value of the products.

See also label whore, brand slave
That kid is wearing a Nike jacket, Nike shorts and Nike shoes -- do you think Nike is paying this brand whore to wear all of their apparel?
by D10 November 23, 2004
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Noun: a brand whore is a person who would rather wear clothes representing a certain brand than wear clothes that are actually stylish

Noun: a person who is not sponsored by a company, yet still feels the need to represent the brand as an personal statement

Many times this deals with sports clothing (Nike, Adidas, Puma, etc.) or motorsports brands (Redbull, Metal Mulisha, Rockstar)
Tom: *sarcastically* Wow, nice Pumas, too bad you could have gotten some actually stylish shoes for a third of the price
Kevin: Yes, but I'm a proud brand whore, I represent
Tom: Whatever, you're an idiot
Kevin: Don't care, fuck you

Roy: Why do you have a Monster Energy sticker that takes up the whole rear window on your truck? Are you one of their sponsored athletes?
Nevin: Nope, I just want people to know that I like Monster, and I also want to be associated with the Monster Energy crowd.
Roy: Whatever, you're an idiot
Nevin: Don't care, fuck you

Nick: *Sarcastically* dude nice matching Nike tracksuit with matching shoes, socks, headband, and hat.
Devin: Yep, I'm a brand whore, and I don't mind
Nick: Whatever, you're an idiot
Devin: Don't care, fuck you
by KevasaurusRex May 28, 2013
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Those priding themselves by wearing overly expensive brand-name items such as Nike and Hollister, which they most likely bought from a thrift store because they cannot afford them. Usually wear ALL clothing of one brand, such as Nike socks, shorts, shoes, shirts, hats and hoodies, with matching colors of hoodies shoes and hats. Usually boasts about new shoes and their price, the same with hats.
Also can be seen wearing two pairs of socks, of two colors, with one Nike logo above the first sock on each leg.
Not to be confused with wannabe rappers which wear a single colored or patterned jacket that matches their hat color or sock color.

The first of the two words is a literal first-hand memory from overhearing brand whores.
Sam: "Oh yea! I'm matching brands today, with my new hat and socks."
Randy: "Nice man! I am too! I bought a new hat last week, but I traded it for some socks from my friend."
Sam: "Must have been the new ones, I'm getting a jacket next week, my parents are buying it for me because I fucking told them to."
Randy: "Cool, my sister just got a new pair of Nikes yesterday to, and I got some new sandals."

Most Whores will group with others to reaffirm their so called "rich club" that apparently is better than everyone else. They also criticize those not in the group to make themselves feel powerful, and will call backup when refuted by such an individual in effort to overwhelm him. Sigh brand whores
by 3stepsup September 13, 2013
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that wing of the mall which plays host to stores such as American Eagle, Abercrombie & Filtch, Aeropostle, Holister, etc... a.k.a. the wing opposite to Hot Topic.
I don't want to go to J.C. Penny's, its at the end of brand whore lane!
by SodaPhish May 20, 2005
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Some one who can't bring themselves to wear something that isn't worth a crazy amount of money. (i.e. Hollister, Aeropostale, Abercrombie + Fitch, etc.)
Guy 1: Dude, Mike's new Hollister outfit costs more than my car payment!
Guy 2: Why Doesn't he buy stuff at, like, Khoals?
Guy 1: Because he's a Name-Brand Whore.
by Captain Kuro March 18, 2008
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A person who wears brand name clothing (usually with huge logos attached to it) and is willing to pay ridiculous amounts of money for the type of clothing they wear. They are usually worn by smelly fat kids who wear contacts and swears a lot to try and look more appealing and boost their ego to girls who never even bother to look at them.
"Look at that fat kid wearing the Quicksilver sweater sitting here with no friends around him."
"Yeah, what a brand name whore!"
by AstroBlue June 8, 2006
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noun. Generally known as the tatoo on the lower back of a woman. When a woman places a tatoo on her lower back so men purposely look at her ass
That woman is purely showing her ass off with the whore branding.
by BradT August 31, 2006
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