Nevin is the kindest, pure hearted and genuine guy any girl could ever ask for. More than that though, he’s an amazingly hard worker, dear friend, loving brother, son, grandson and nephew. Nevin is shy to most but once you peel back his timid exterior, you are introduced to a comical, sarcastic, fun-loving guy. Nevin’s are the rarest find. Kind of like a diamond in the darkest cave. And sometimes all you catch is a slight twinkle but once you investigate more you see all its glory. Nevin is perfect in more ways than one but what makes him so special is he doesn’t even know how special he is. He doesn’t even see how perfect he is, constantly doubting himself, he needs a lot of reassurance and love. However, that makes him all the more special. He loves sports, comedies, occasionally an action filled movie. His smile not only lights up the room but it invites people in and makes them feel like they’re at home. Nevins are the most special kind of person, man, lover, friend. He will always be there for people no matter what they need. He does his best every day to be a good person but he doesn’t even need to try. The most perfect first love i was ever lucky enough to know.
by sunkissedsav August 11, 2019
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Nevin, the one person you thought you wouldn't fall for but only fell harder after everything. Support from him is like support from a 1000 men. His maturity level is like 10 times the maturity level of anyone his age. And the best part is no matter what he'll never be the one to leave you, caz once you've got him the fear of him leaving you automatically leaves your system. A down to earth person who never wants to see another person sad and especially not when he's the reason. Hard worker, but he doubts his work which might discourage him, but fun fact sometimes he's blind to see that there's someone there always encouraging him even at her very worst. His care can embrace you in a way that all your worries just disappear like magic. He wants to settle down and start a life with peace, and he's capable of doing it as he tries so hard. Many long for his love, waiting for him to open up, but all of this down to one point, That he's a rare gem and If you find one don't let him go, No Earthly treasure is worth his heart.
I'm single because I lost my chance with Nevin.
by paaps May 19, 2021
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An adjective that describes people of the male gender if they are handsome, cool and great-looking...
Oh! See that guy at the bar? He's just sooooo nevin!!!!
by MrManManMan June 25, 2013
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the most pimp thing sum1 could ever say or do
by nastynate October 8, 2003
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The most amazing person you could ever meet. They will make you’re day so much better and bring a happiness of joy to you’re life. When you’re feeling sadness inside they will be there to cheer you up in any way possible. They are incredibly handsome and charming and will make you fall for them will they’re sweet kind self. They’re aren’t as many good people as they could ever be.
Nevin’s are one of the best people you can possibly meet.
by You’re best friend June 10, 2019
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Nevin he is a legend.
He’s one of those guys that you can never forget once you’ve met.
Inside of him also contains dark secrets which no one else will know about.
by Mega house November 22, 2021
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Nevin is the sweetest, funniest guy you'll ever meet. He's kind and always makes you feel better when you're sad. His smile is so contagious, and a hundred symphonies can't even begin to compare to his laugh. He's smart and such a hard worker. His personality is so extraordinary that you can't help but admire it. He sometimes thinks he's not good enough but what he doesn't know is that I'll do anything just for him to see himself the way I see him.
I love Nevin so much, he's the best. There's nothing that I want more than for him to be happy.
by Yourlittlekeeper January 9, 2022
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