A label whore is someone who only wears brand name clothes, with the name of the brand usually placed somewhere for all to see. A walking advertisement for a clothing store or brand.
Look at that spaz wearing all Abercrombie--what a label whore.
by VAKI5 August 18, 2003
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Someone who buys mostly designer labels.
Look at that girl she's wearing a D&G top, sevens jeans, and is carrying a Chanel bag...what a lable whore
by Emmi July 27, 2005
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Someone who exclusively (or mostly) wears "name brand" or high fashion labels. They are know to wear only what's in style right "now!". They often purchase clothes solely based on labels and disregard personal style preference or common sense.

Most label whore's generally cannot actually afford the clothes they buy as so much of it goes out of style within months. They're also known to "Shop & Swap" (wear and return clothing after one use).
I lol'd when that label whore Andi couldn't get her money back for that hideous Neiman Marcus bag...$300 down the drain.
by urbanr0cker May 1, 2008
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someone who only wears things they regard as 'high label.' they will wear ANYTHING from that company as long as it has that name on it. no matter how ugly.
label whore: ok so like omg i'm thinking of wearing my abercrombie sweater with my hollister tank top and my armani jeans with my coach shoes and louis vitton wristle, not the black one but the one thats dark grey with black shading. isn't that cute?
real person. *punches label whore*

label whore: omg i got an ADORABLE shirt. it's a plain tee with abercrombie in big letters!
another label whore: omg it sounds soooo cute i can't wait to see it!
by brit-beatchh March 3, 2009
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Someone who refuses to drink beer from a plastic 2 litre bottle.
The label whore, whose name is Scott, turned up his nose when his buddy passed him the 2 litre plastic bottle of beer. "Are you kidding" said Scott "I woldn't be caught dead drinking that!". So his buddy shot him.
by Mr. Bear Man Athabasca November 9, 2009
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Someone who will do anything to wear big labels; someone who only wears name brands; someone who wears several big name brands at once
Joy only wears DG, Juicy, Marc by Marc Jacobs, 7 Jeans, and Louis Vuitton. She is SUCH a label whore.
by Aimme Cadence June 24, 2006
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