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N. Ipsilateral, temporal, orbital and or bilateral pain resulting from rapid cooling of the spheno-palantine ganglion (roof of mouth), often a result of ice-cream or slurpees, although any cold substance can trigger such a response. The pain is a result of dialated blood vessels in the brain brought on by spasms of the nerve endings and typically peaks in about 20 seconds from the point of ingestion.
After rapidly ingesting the Slurpee, Bob winced in pain as if he were having a migraine.
by TroubleTeeRoy January 30, 2005
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A sharp headache-like pain caused by eating or drinking something cold too quickly. See also ice cream headache.
"I drank an entire slushie in just a few seconds, and I got the most horrible brain freeze ever!"
by okenter July 29, 2005
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short term but very painful headache caused by consuming frozen novelties too quickly
Ah, I got a brain freeze drinking down too much slushy way too fast!
by Pere 1972 April 26, 2008
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the sharp pain one gets from consuming cold food or beverage too quickly.
"drank my milkshake too fast, aaugh! Brain Freeze!"
by Conejo June 12, 2005
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Brain Freeze is getting a suddenly high-pitched ache in the upper part of the throat (Nearly in the head) because of consumming too quickly a cold drink or a cold food. The pain stays for about 30 seconds, but it's intense cold makes you feel like your brain is going into hypothermia and die.

Therefore, there is no need for Aspirin or calling 911 as it will go away soon.
Henry: Let's have a Slush drinking contest!
Bob: Alright! 3, 2, 1, DRINK!

*Both drinks like they were in need of weed*

(10 seconds later)

Henry: URRGH! MY HEAD!!!!!
Bob: Brain Freeze!!
by ThunderBlog March 16, 2010
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A state where your mind simply blanks and does not work.
Looking at the copier, I suffered from acute brain freeze, as I could not differentiate between stack, group, etc., eventhough I had copied things numerous times.
by Christine Pepe May 11, 2005
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