N. Ipsilateral, temporal, orbital and or bilateral pain resulting from rapid cooling of the spheno-palantine ganglion (roof of mouth), often a result of ice-cream or slurpees, although any cold substance can trigger such a response. The pain is a result of dialated blood vessels in the brain brought on by spasms of the nerve endings and typically peaks in about 20 seconds from the point of ingestion.
After rapidly ingesting the Slurpee, Bob winced in pain as if he were having a migraine.
by TroubleTeeRoy January 31, 2005
When you (a male) are having sex with someone's ear and you splooge all into the person's ear.
I brainfreezed my girlfriend last night.
by Assman Bob February 21, 2004
when its so cold out, and you ejaculate, the skeet freezes on the head of your dick.
Tyrone: Man, it's so cold I'mma bout to have a brainfreeze
Alan: Me and Shawna were having sex in the park last night, and I brainfreezed it was so cold.
by Jonathan Shaw March 3, 2008
When your brain nerves freeze. It prevents you from breathing.
Billy: Don’t eat ice! It’ll give you a brainfreeze.
Joe: Whabla- OUCH! *Cough*
by McBoobs (IHateShitters) June 8, 2018
When a girl is giving you a blow job, after you jizz in her mouth you throw some pepper under her nose. The pepper will make her sneeze and semen will enter her nasal cavity, thus giving her a Turkish Brainfreeze.
Dude 1: Hey man do you have any pepper? Sharon wants to try the Turkish Brainfreeze tonight!
Dude 2: What? Damn Stacy won't even consider the Turkish Brainfreeze! You're so lucky!
by Fleetafoot October 22, 2012
during sex you shove your dick deep into one of her nostrils and bust your fat load down her nose then kick her tits and run of
person 1: my mom took away my xbox so i gave her the sloppy brainfreeze and got the fuck out

person 2: what the fuck is wrong with you?
by it is me again November 3, 2020
When the male human ejaculates into their bellybutton after masturbation or sex takes place.
by Fannygasher16 June 12, 2018