The Supreme being according to Hinduism. There is only one God in Hinduism who is referred to as Brahma, the Hindu god (deva)of Creation, and one of the Hindu Trinity - Trimurti. The other two Lords being Vishnu(maintainer or 'Preserver' of the universe)and Shiva(the Destroyer).

Aum(often written as Om or Ohm)found first in the Vedic scriptures of Hinduism, Aum has been seen as the first manifestation of the unmanifest Brahman (the single Divine Ground of Hinduism) that resulted in the phenomenal universe. Essentially, all the cosmos stems from the vibration of the sound 'Aum' in Hindu cosmology. Indeed, so sacred is it that it is prefixed and suffixed to all Hindu mantras and incantations. It is undoubtedly the most representative symbol of Hinduism.

According to Hindu philosophy this syllable is combined of three components: the letter A, which represents creation, when all existence issued forth from Brahma's golden nucleus; the letter U, which refers to Vishnu the god of the middle who preserves this world by balancing Brahma on a lotus above himself. The letter U with the A, produces the sound of the long Ō. The M produces the prolonged resonance of the nasal cavity with the mouth closed: it is the final part of the cycle of existence, when Vishnu falls asleep and Brahma has to breathe in so that all existing things have to disintegrate and are reduced to their essence to him. This is the M of Mahesha, also known as the great Lord Shiva, whose long period of yoga begins so that the sensual world ceases to exists.
Brahma is the Supreme Being, aka G'd.
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Brahma is the god first represented in the Hindu Triad (Trimurti). He is the creator of the universe and all living beings are said to have evolved from him.
Brahma is depicted as red in color with four heads, bearded faces, and four arms. His hands hold a kamandalu, his bow or a rosary, a sacrificial ladle, and the Vedas. Brahma is sometimes depicted as sitting on a lotus. The four Vedas are said to have originated from his head. The four castes (Varna) are also believed to have originated from Brahma: the Brahmins from his head, the Kshatriyas from his arms, the Vaishyas from his thighs, and the Shudras from his feet.
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