A legacy of college and utter floggers. Who believe inserting by 'zyzz' into their name, juicing hard & continuously skipping leg day that they will become instant legends
"You 'mirrin brah?!"
"Check out dem gains brah!"
"Do you even brah?!"
"Haters gonna hate a brah!"
by Miss sister April 07, 2014
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Slang term meaning 'brother' that is part of New Orleans area slang, in the same vein as 'Where 'yat?" Used as a greeting.
Where 'yat, brah?

Say, brah, where you went to school at?/I went to Brother Martin, brah.
by Joey Gaudet March 09, 2008
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a term that definitely did NOT started in Hawaii. it is a term created by fraternity douche bags and stupid fucking hippies. it is slang for "bro", which is slang for "brother".
hey get your dick off of me, brah!

JK, brah. i like your dick on, in, and around me because i'm in a fraternity.
by DrAhktar November 21, 2010
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Slang for "bro", or "brotha".
How one tool refers to, or greets another.

Hawaii claims the origin of this word, and it may have very well originated there- however it is now used more commonly by self-centered, orange-tanned, pierced, scene, and/or and other type of well-groomed dbag.
"Sup brah?!"

"Nah much man, I just got back from doing something understatedly cool that makes other guys wanna be like me. I think I'll go hang with some other rad brahs tonight, and we can just soak up each others' awesomeness."

"Aight, later brah!"
by mousefacee December 08, 2009
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A slang term used to say "bro" or "brother" when referring to a friend or actual sibling. Typically used by dirty white kids, who either surf or skateboard. The word must be said while making some sort of contorted face with one eyebrow raised.
Leif: Yo, brah when are we going to jump off stupid ramps and watch jackass?

Jayden: I dunno brah I'm totally bummed right now. Sorry brah.
by StupidWhiteKids February 06, 2011
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