brah or bah in pidgin dis mean brother friend u know what kine i talking yah?
EY brah where u stay?
by dA kinE fiSh OuttaH WatAH 808 October 13, 2003
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Short for "brother," or a member of your social clique.

The slang term for gangster wannabes that think it's cooler than to say "bro."

What no-one realizes is that it's pronounced like a female undergarment. Idiots.
by FoxyFireFairy November 12, 2010
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A term used by Frat idiots and most others acquainted with Frats and sport buffs. Most commonly spotted; white males that wear white college hats that say funny mascots on them, often worn backwards. You can spot them at parties, usually wearing a greek letter on a T-shirt and drinking natural light beer, yelling loudly and accompanied by retarded soroity girls also blabbing. Stoners & Tweakers have been known to use this term too
Sup Brahhhhh!
Nothin' dude! Sup with you Brahhhhh!
Duuuuude I just smoked this blunt Brahhhh!
Yeahhhh Brah Doggggg!
Fuuuucccckkkk Yeahhhhh!! Gimmie another beer Brahhhhhh! Yeahhhh Go Texas Dude Brahh!
by greeklifeblowsknob! January 17, 2005
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A mixture between the term bruh and rah. Both terms often used as a sign of shock/surprise, the term brah combines the two to emphasise the bruh/rah moment, therefore making it a brah moment.
β€œBrah, that’s a big truck!”
by Dinosaur Rider August 10, 2020
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Another word for bro.

Popularized by Duane "Dog" Chapman from Dog the Bounty Hunter and parodied by Eric Cartman in South Park

"Where's your hallpass brah?"

by Rosannahhhhhh July 30, 2008
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Possbily the most annoying term that stupid college/high school guys use to talk to their friends. Its slang for bro which is short for brother. Neither of either the latter need any abreviation or slang because they're stupid terms to refer to a freind to begin with.
Frat boy 1: Yo brah dude bro you goin to the party brah?
Frat boy 2: Only if you and all my other dude brahs are there bro.
Frat boy 1: Sweet brah I'm gunna get krunk dude.
Observer with IQ greater than 4: Um try speaking english morons.
by Feltron November 03, 2007
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