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Acronym: rec.sport.pro-wrestling, a Usenet group filled with insane, hostile trolls. Alternates: RSP-W, r.s.p-w, risparew.
by Tarrasque November 19, 2002
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Noun. Something of poor quality that can be used very effectively when done properly.

Often used to describe a deck or card in Magic: The Gatherin
This rare is soo janky to get in a draft.
by Tarrasque September 28, 2003
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Adjective; Extremely great or awe-inspiring; awesome for the set of beings with large jaws.
The Street Sharks think bloody hunks of fresh tuna are jawsome.
by Tarrasque November 19, 2002
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To make simpler; to enquayle.
I could not defeat Sagat in Street Fighter II until I bushified it to difficulty level 2.
by Tarrasque November 19, 2002
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Referring to the sensation: -cles of Narnia.
We love the Chronic, what; -cles of Narnia.
by Tarrasque December 22, 2005
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Verb; To rich-up something; to make wealthier.
My stock broker billgatesed me but good with that latest tip.
by Tarrasque November 19, 2002
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1. Contraction: Cyborg.

2. A fictional race of communalistic cyborgs originating in "Star Trek: The Next Generation".

3. Exclamation commonly used by muppet swedes. Also bork.
Robocop was an inferior 'borg when compared to ED-209.

Resistance is futile; we are the Borg.

Borg borg borg.
by Tarrasque November 18, 2002
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