A term used to describe a straight man who is pleasingly happy, exuberant, boisterous. Term still applies if said qualities are fueled by alcohol or prescription drug use. Can also be spelled boister.
Shankar's not chronically happy or relentlessly happy, like those douches who think being perceived as happy (read: successful or leisure class) is a status symbol. He's just a boyster.
by Sarahrah May 20, 2008
Boyster is some boy oyster thingy; He's afraid of being rejected and too kind to attack anyone
He also had a gay oyster brother nammed Shelby.
Oh yea he's from the cartoon Boyster that aired on disney xd
Boyster where are you????
by Boyster's baby February 17, 2021
"My roommate left a boyster on the side of the bathroom sink. I can't wait to move out."
by Gunfire Roger August 7, 2017
Refers to da cheerfully-noisy status of typical male youngsters.
Girls are welcome to attend da local peewee basketball games, but they may find it a bit too boysterous for their more-sensitive personalities.
by QuacksO March 15, 2022