2 definitions by Sarahrah

A term used to describe a straight man who is pleasingly happy, exuberant, boisterous. Term still applies if said qualities are fueled by alcohol or prescription drug use. Can also be spelled boister.
Shankar's not chronically happy or relentlessly happy, like those douches who think being perceived as happy (read: successful or leisure class) is a status symbol. He's just a boyster.
by Sarahrah May 20, 2008
A loose play on the term "per capita" that describes web pages well-endowed with images of breasts; a fake technical term to describe the ratio of breast content to other content or the average amount of cleavage to be found on a given web page.

Can be used to describe a range of content, including health, humor, community, porn or National Geographic pages.
Lame. That site's per boobita average was so low, it could have been a Miley Cyrus photo shoot.
by Sarahrah May 20, 2008