the politicaly correct way to say refer to pedophiles that are attracted to boys. child lover
Bob was a boy lover; that is he was sexualy atracted to young boys
by the silent tortoise January 10, 2006
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A pederast; a catholic cleric; in modern American political discourse, a member of the opposition party; a member of NAMBLA, the North American Man-Boy Love Association; irritating co-workers.
Be safe, be brave, and above all, be proud to be a boy-lover.
by Aagnot Spong December 23, 2004
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An adult man or woman who is sexually and emotionally interested in prepubescent boys. Although a misguided boy-lover may molest a child, most boy-lovers are not child molesters and do not act on their sexual desires.
Terry, a boy lover, thinks twelve-year-old boys are the pinnacle of erotic beauty.
by Axsten January 28, 2008
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Drake is a 'certified boy lover!

Drake: Ooh, Lil Wayne is too good, he's just too good!
by Icy Wyte June 16, 2022
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someone who likes to touch little boys for their pleasure and enjoyment. These people are often named josh
"what the hell josh. let go of that little boy. stop being a kid toucher / boy lover"
by FAT ELF KID September 6, 2020
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go by the name kelly barr. want chicken wings all the time right until you do. generally just really really weird.
hey did u see that blonde skinny cbc boy lover earlier? oh my god didn’t know kelly barr was here ew.
by meowwooflol October 17, 2019
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In my personal definition a Lover Boy is a near perfect guy to find.

For example, a Lover Boy is a guy who cares so much about his so called lover. He’s a flirt and super loyal. Another example is that a Lover Boy is also most of the time super romantic and charaming. Those aspects are very hard to find now adays in young and sometimes older males.

Lover Boy also works as Lover Girl if they are a girl.
Female: Ugh he’s such a Lover Boy...

Female two: I know right! He’s so perfect and dreamy!
by FunnyMaeMae August 5, 2018
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