Techie term used to generically describe a computer, more specifically the case
I have three boxes, one is a microsoft, one is a mac and the last is a linux.
by matty February 04, 2005
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a cube or rectangular prism made primarily out of cardboard. usually used to contain things, sometimes things that need to be sent to other people via the postal service. can also be used as a plaything by children.
the boy gave his girlfriend a box of chocolates
the mailman delivered the box of uranium to the mild-mannered housewife
ooh! let's pretend that the box is a rocketship!
by Supie October 08, 2006
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a homless persons home
a cardboadbox is very cold
by kevin dow February 27, 2005
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You can be a box, have a box, something can be boxy, or you may have boxed something.

When you've done someone bad, or you are ill, or you've had a bad night out. similar to "mare".
ahh mate, last night was bare boxy.

when suffering from a hangover or come down, "mate you're in a box right now"

you are an absolute box.

when failing, "you've boxed it"
by lozzylozzington October 13, 2009
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A person who Looks , Acts , Speaks & Thinks in an extremely uncool way.

An Item can also be Box.

Synonym: Stupid, Gay, Queer, Gross, Ugly, Idiotic, Douchy like, immature.

Any offensive word can be substituted by Box.

Please note, people who have excelled at using the word box , usually use it instead of "Yo"
This bitch looks box ,what kind of box pants are those ,Stop acting box its pissing me off ,The way you think is really box ,I went to dubai last week, or should i say Dubox,Bro your just fuckin box,Your breathe smells box ,Thats box
by Khaled Al-kassimi / Sheikh Box January 14, 2011
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Something that is cool or hip
John: "Yo that dude's hat is so box!"
Jane: "I'm hip, it's rade as shit."
by Box Queen April 04, 2017
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box- a woman's womb and/or vagina

As we learned in the "Da Vinci Code", artist's and stoytellers of old often referenced a woman's womb as a precious vessel. Much like a vessel or jar (think Egyptian burial jars), one of the most famous jars or Greek Mythology often misinterpreted as a "Box" was Pandora's Box. According to legend, Pandora is the first woman and was created by the gods to punish men for stealing their secret fire. When this beauty opened her box (unsealed her jar/lost her virginity) soon after being married, she quickly unleashed all the evils onto the world. For the first time a society of solely men had experienced troubles, burdens, sickness and death. Once all of the evils escaped, the only thing left in her "box" was Hope forever sealed away from men (and presumably inside of her) in the box (jar). All women born after her would possess this power and all men, whether with a woman or not, would suffer the punishment. Therefore today, women should be much more appreciative and protective of her most dangerous and precious gift...her jar which will later will be known as her Box.
"For she brings with her a jar which contains toil and sickness which brings for death to men, diseases as well as many other pains..." note after the 1700's jar translates to box.
by The Lady Krom January 28, 2016
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