The phenomenon in which a film with a large cult following (i.e., Star Trek, Star Wars, Robert Rodriguez movies)opens to large first-weekend box-office grosses, followed by a steep drop-off in attendence shortly thereafter.
Guy: Did you see that Austin Powers 3 beat Attack of the Clones in just its second week of release?

Girl: Well, no duh. Only geeks line up for that crap, and after they see it opening weekend, no one else goes. It's a total Star Trek effect.
by Joaquin Mercutio May 29, 2005
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Anyone whose work cucicle is made of cardboard.
Any type of flammable material is forbidden in my Box Office
by 66tornadoes December 11, 2016
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A in-person admission ticket vendors
The box office was smashed with people
by Doza55 June 2, 2022
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basically any dank alleyway in New York City where boxes are sold
"Dude, the bus smells like a box office."

"Hey, I've been to New York City!"
by youngun' November 15, 2007
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Pawan kalyan aka Mr box-office of Telugu cinema is undoubtedly one of the most bankable star of India . The opening day and box office numbers of pawan Kalyan's movies gives clear reflection of his superstardom .
His disaster movies creates history. Pawan undoubtedly Mr box-office of Telugu cinema.
by Usthaad ramcharan November 23, 2020
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Superstar Rajinikanth is the King of Box Office !! He has a huge fanbase across the world and he has four movies which collected more than 300 Crores in Box Office!!
Haters be like - Our hero is the King of Box Office!! People be like get lost Rajini is the only King
by Waathalaka December 10, 2020
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