Nottingham poker scene slang short for "bowl of rice" concocted by a locally famous Chinese chip shop chain owner and poker player whom frequents the Dusk Till Dawn Poker Club and Casino. It means a small amount of poker chips.
Alex: "How much you in for?"
Fred: "Bowl."
by permanentquandary November 26, 2013
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Used to describe the act of leaving, arriving, or going somewhere. Used in place of words "go" and "leave". Also can be used to describe the act of using an item that belongs to someone else. Originated from the Bay by the DKB.
Lets bowl to sams place.
Should we bowl?
Yeah, then alice bowled over.

Can i bowl your car?
Is it all good if i bowl some rice?
by MrStowl September 25, 2011
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something to smoke marijuana out of. also see a pipe
you lets smoke that bowl of that funky bud.
by gnu December 08, 2007
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Also known as bowl-cut, a very out of date hair style that should only be work by young boys; but occasionally is worn by very unattractive females.
I was coaxed into going to homecoming with this girl, Sam, and it seemed alright, until i noticed she had the worst bowl-cut ever. Now her internationally known name will be 'bowl.'
by Uncle Ruckus February 18, 2006
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