to leave or go someplace
Let's bowl once this beer is finished.
You bowled over here slow as hell.
Bone and bowl is the only was to go.
by Stelio Agganis April 14, 2003
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Slang term for a woman's ass and crotch area.
"But Ryan," said Britney, "EVERYONE has already seen MY bowl."
by brucix April 19, 2005
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you smoke, weed ,out of it - or tobacco or other thngs-
Like a pipe, can be made from all different things. Glass ones are nice
Rachel is smoking, and bowl, right now, and she feels good
by smokesalottaganjarach November 19, 2010
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Ok, first of all. The bowl isn't just the place in a pipe or a name in a pipe. Its mainly reffered to as the amount of weed put into the smoking device. Some people roll there joints with 1 bowl and others use alot more, depending on paper and amount of weed. Bowls Vary for 4 dollars each to over 10 dollars. On average the amount is 5 though. If the bowl your buying is 1 dollar, its either shit or your dealer is high/generous.
Stoner-" Hey man hoe many bowls can i buy with this 20?"

Dealer-"Ill give you 2"
by tokemaster March 8, 2008
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Bowl- The worst way to get high if you dont know how to hit it.
bowls are for pussies from canada.
see: blunt, bong, or gravity bong, gotti, or just put it all in a huge pile and burn it.
by cassius clay May 9, 2006
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1. oi lets bowl bruv
2. bowl tru from endz blud
by George Steer December 6, 2006
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when a group of bros trade bowl packs and all get ripped
Yooooooo Dom when we goin bowl for bowl?
by Dommmmm December 7, 2010
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