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This is my favorite smoking device mainly because its portable, easy to hide, and it fits in your pocket! This unique smoking device has a small un-detatchable bowl on the top, with a stem sticking out of the side. It workes like a bong, in the fact that it filters the smoke with water, but instead of a removable bowl, it has a carb.(rush hole) These magical objects come in glass,wood,and plastic. Mainly used to smoke weed, these can also be used for tabacco. They range from 10 to 50 dollars
"Dude, i wanna toke but I have to go walk my dog,and i don't want bad cotton mouth right now"-Person 1

" I'll let you use my bubbler,but dont loose it"
by tokemaster March 8, 2008
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Ok, first of all. The bowl isn't just the place in a pipe or a name in a pipe. Its mainly reffered to as the amount of weed put into the smoking device. Some people roll there joints with 1 bowl and others use alot more, depending on paper and amount of weed. Bowls Vary for 4 dollars each to over 10 dollars. On average the amount is 5 though. If the bowl your buying is 1 dollar, its either shit or your dealer is high/generous.
Stoner-" Hey man hoe many bowls can i buy with this 20?"

Dealer-"Ill give you 2"
by tokemaster March 8, 2008
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