1) Quite possibly any health problem you can have.

2) Any unexplained illness or injury.
Holy Fuck, Jules got botulism from all that curry!
by Rhombus of Love August 17, 2005
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flesh-eating form of food poisoning, usually resulting from eating Ben's cooking, can result in decomposition, making the sufferer technically a living cadaver
Luke: Bloody nora i've got a bit of the old BOTULISM - i'll never eat one of Ben's bacon sandwiches again; oh bugger my leg's fell off - felch!
by Ben and Luke May 23, 2008
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another way of saying "lame", "stupid", etc.
"that is like, SO botulism."
by shadylady1234 November 13, 2009
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When the food is made sour through the process of warming it up too much and spoiling faster.
After eating the corn bread and it tasting sour I realized it was botulized
by Wutatoldme May 27, 2019
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White girls that like inner city guys. Also tries to fit into inner city culture by:

1) Listens endlessly to Tupac and Biggie

2) Reads Ebony all day, and

3)works in a Mcjob!
Look at Lisa over there all over that inner city guy!
by Piranha July 12, 2005
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A burger (or other 'hot' sandwich or snack) purchased from one of those mobile catering outlets gut truck that appears at any outdoors event or outside nightclubs.
Blimey, that botulism burger has given the the shits.
by stymaster June 28, 2009
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Any online record citing a restaurant's failed hygienic inspection, e.g. rats and toxic chemicals detected nrar food storage areas.

Mary, I wouldn't touch that restaurant with a ten-foot pole. The botulism bot says that vermin were found near the food storage areas!
by pentozali April 11, 2009
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