Noun; Word used by sport-fisherman to describe an enormous catch. A boss fish is usually at the top of the food-chain, meaning that there is no other fish in the area that would dare contend with it. When a fish slams on an angler's line and it is clear that the animal is not an ordinary fish, it is obvious that the fish is a boss. On occasion, the fish comes in slowly and it is unclear whether or not the fish is a boss. Once the fish is actually witnesses, it can be determined if it is a boss.
If your line gets slammed by a fish and it is instantly clear that it's a monster, you can vocally declare, "Hell yea! It's a boss!" This can be assigned to any species as long as the animal is extraordinarily large for it's species. Example: Boss-Bass, Boss-Pike, Boss-Walleye, etc.
by iceman 69 December 28, 2009
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The word to describe a your view on how a situation has panned out, or your opinion on a specific subject.

However you must be a complete douchebag assmonkey to be able to use this word.
Adam: I got that new Kings of Leon CD

Mark: Yeah man, thats totally boss

Adam: You're a faggot for using that word, get out of my life
by Fiddily Dee March 05, 2011
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To give oral to someone usually said from a male's point of view.
Man shawty was at the crib yesterday and she gave me some good boss
by girly123 March 04, 2008
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1.Someone who is ownful (pronounced 'bouse'). This person often does amazing things and is down-right quailtastic.
2. To describe something that is ownful.
Bob: Dude, I just figured out the secret of life!!!
Lexford: You are such a bôss. I wish I was you.

Flance: Dude, check out my new shoes.
Dwain: Those shoes are so fucking bôss that I can't contain myself. AHH, I shit my pants again.
Flance: Dude, that's like the fourth time this week!
by Deraj Quailsworth September 12, 2009
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