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Bosko is a smart and geeky boy who has interest in being right all the time. He'll never accept being wrong and puts logic in everything. Bosko can also be a lovable guy and can be really funny on accident.
That computer reminds me of Bosko
by Jemietherabbit December 05, 2017
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A kiss ass who is completely illiterate and has no friends. The Bosko will do whatever he needs to do to get a good mark, even sexual things for the teacher. The Bosko is always behind on every trend resulting in him being constantly uncool and unfunny and disliked by everybody. He rarely eats except when his mom makes him his special meal. Keep away from this thing IT IS DANGEROUS .
Yo mark is such a teachers pet, he's such a bosko.
by A DEBBY October 15, 2018
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Bosko is a amazing guy/friend(for now) who is lovable, caring, smart, funny, sporty, geeky, and cute all at once. I dont know how I would survive without him.

You should hope to have a Bosko in your life he is the best person always makes you feel good.
You wish you had a Bosko in my life
by Samyi May 31, 2019
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A cool, funny guy who will take ur bitch any day. He is also a GOD at fortnite and will drop your shit off in NBA2K. He’s also a funny so get to know him if you have a chance. Make sure to also listen to his soundcloud mixtape because that shit is fire.
I just found the love of my life, his name must be Bosko.
by YUNG BOSKO May 16, 2019
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