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Something that goes beyond the realm of cute or even "sooo cute", this kind of cute can kill people.Beware of any animal that you could call "bortha".

The adjective form of this word is borthy
So Cal girl: Oh my goodness Karl, your dog is sooo cute, he's beyond cute, he's so...
Karl: Borthy... oh my gosh Sally if your gonna die don't fall on Bortha, are you all right Bor... eh.. ah.. ugh.

by irishdude November 30, 2006
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the amount of alcohol a college student must consume after staying up all night and taking back to back exams
Jon drank a bortha of Labatts after his exams today.
by Eggs May 01, 2003
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( Noun)
1. Slang term for 'voluntary abortion'
2. Surgical removal of an unwanted, subpar, or otherwise expendable fetus from one's ladyjunk.
"Did you read her tweet about Lindsay Lohan's bortha?"
by WaffleRomanoff July 14, 2009
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a device used to smoke marijuana with a large chamber and at least two mouthpieces at the end of tubes.
I got a huge hit from botha
by Anonymous April 17, 2003
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