On the chat and conversatin messageboards of elitefitness.com, there was a poster known as massivegunz who had horrible spelling. He inadvertently typed the word bor instead of bro (brother). It became a raging sensation.

Referring to a very good friend in the bodybuilding community.

A good, upstanding person.
"'Sup bor?"
by OMFG June 23, 2004
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Norfolk slang term meaning young man or boy. Used to address young males.
"hey, you up for some footy bor?"

“Hello, Bor, how’re yer gorn on, tergether?”
by long legs magee July 31, 2011
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When a furious keyboard warrior misspells the word bro

Originated by famous YouTuber ChrisArchieProds
U Mad Bor?

He's a Mad Bor..

I'd be Mad Bor.
by RSNisCarton March 31, 2012
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Gangsta:Yo! son son she just got a bor cuz she aint tryin carry my baby!
Thug: Damn! She straight scared! She have sex then she try getting rid of ur baby?!
by Okila February 22, 2005
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The opposite of a bro. When some is constantly or has lately been a scumbag by fault of their own they are a bor. They usually forget to bring their friends to friend events and such.
Bro 1: "Hey dude you went lazertagging without me?"

Bro 2: : "Sorry was last minute"

Bor: "You said you were eating.
by arcingmc December 20, 2011
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The daddy of all daddys! Bor Bor is Boris as a Daddy, but the best daddy you've ever encountered!
Bor Bor just wrecked me analy last night. It was the best!
by RawrDickbutt June 22, 2018
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