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This name is chosed only for the sexiest guys. It is also known that all Bors have huge dicks.
"Wow Bor is so hot!!!"
by Hecko123 October 17, 2016
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Scottish/Fife slang - shortened version of 'nae bother', i.e. not a problem
"Here pal, gonnae gie's half yer twix?"

"Nae bor ya pie."
by EastFife April 30, 2008
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An Irish tiktok trend consisting of commenting “protein bor” under any video. Originally started by James Doyle, @jamesdoylefitness on tiktok, a popular Irish tiktoker known for reviewing protein bars. The spelling of protein bor comes from James' thick accent. Some say his accent is as thick as the thots he does deep squats for.
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A Drew-ism, mispoken version of "bots."
"bors. :-\ meh. I'll get around to it later. I'm already busy with IMing you and sketching and stuff."
by boourns April 19, 2003
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the correct way of asking a person if he or she is mad
Screw You!
You Mad Bor?
by meetmida1 April 8, 2012
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It is a skateboarding team which tries to help other gangs, but has a lot of problems doing it.
"Skate-Bor-Hood's enemies are Tiko, AGT, Dj and other skateboarding gangs located in LA."
by SBH2 July 30, 2009
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