Collective of friends from Toronto, Canada. Famous for "coaching tams" and doing this the biggest and baddest.
Rib 1: Holy shit, did you go to that party the Bors hosted on Friday?

Rib 2: Yeah, they saran wrapped the walls and made cheeseburger dorito pie
by Mwaldo February 27, 2011
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TO BE MENTALLY AWESOME!!!! to have so many friends, and to be very cool and sensitive. A persone who always goes with the flow, aka: people who's name starts with N
I am so Borred' 'you are so borred
by dumdums123 November 19, 2010
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a group of boys in semaphore that sleep with anyone in sight and have no standards.
being defined in a conversation

"hes turning into a bor"

"hes just like the bors"
by NHB bors August 18, 2021
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a bor-bor is

a) somebody who is incredibly boring in bed, or
b) a term to describe something generally boring
comes from boring.
def a) "god, he's such a bor-bor!"
def b) "ugh, this movie ks so fucking bor-bor."
by postascensiondownfall April 26, 2016
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A Drew-ism.
bors. :-\
by boo-urns April 19, 2003
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