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you have just benn proved wrong, and know you are supposed to feel stupid about it.
ooh, u just got boozled
by Bonquisha April 30, 2003
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to be proven wrong. to realize what you said was either wrong or incredible idiotic.
BOOZLED BITCH!!(past-tense)
by shitcock January 11, 2005
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to find cheap booze (liqour)

That emu export was a boozle!
Wow you really did get a boozle on that red can!
by The_Will October 20, 2006
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To use skill to surpass someone in any sport especially soccer.
What a boozle by Fernando Torres!

Wow, Tyler sure knows how to boozle.
by boozleboy April 21, 2010
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Any alcohol beverage with an ABV greater than 40%. The only allowed exception being Champaign which has a much lower ABV than 'hard liquor'
Dahling, fetch the boozles we are going to throw a marvy shim sham at the beach house tonight.
by Nemo2 April 14, 2008
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A way to say u are freaked out, suprisingly freaked out
John: Dude... I love that fat chick
Mike: Ur giving me the boozles
by FireYourGuns702 May 27, 2005
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