As in, "Pirates Booty." The delicious snack or actual Treasure, depending on how you take it.
Guy 1: Gimme that Pirates Booty!
Guy 2: The nearest island is 2,350 miles away...
Guy 1: No, I mean the stuff in your pantry.
by GoodDefinitions April 08, 2017
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Adj. - Something that's disappointing or stupid; Something bad.
Mom - We're going to gattitown for your sister's birthday
Shanaynay - omg nooooooo don't make me
Mom - you have to
Shanaynay - this is so booty

Teacher - Give me your phone
Sara - No
Teacher - Go to the office
Sara - You are so booty
by gsac4l December 30, 2013
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1, (original) Another word for pirate treasure.
2. a child's boot or shoe
3. (mostly used) backside, or butt. Usually of the female persuasion. Mostly appealing sexually.
- Professor, What another word for pirate treasure?
- I think its booty. Thats what it is.

Jermiah! Put your booty on, or you'll catch a cold.

Did you caught the booty on that fly girl? damm! Me likey.
by abragag December 05, 2008
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1. Lack of essence.
2. Used to describe something that really sucks.

Yo, that movie was mad booty!

Your b-ball game is booty, yo!
by beckkyyy September 13, 2007
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A big ass most often found on black gurls. mexican and asian gurls have a behind( a butt that is compleatly flat) white gurls have a butt it has some shape but no definition or roundness a booty is what black gurls and some perto ricans have its big round and has shape and definition the kind of butt u can grab up in your hands and squeeze
beyonce has one bootylicious booty.
wit ya traffic jam booty heads pausing so fast. -ludacris
by jonn May 29, 2005
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