what you get on your car when you don't pay your tickets or owe back child support;
old Bristol VA term for black folks
Man, they put a boot on my damn car!

Who dem boots ova thar?
by MonayLove October 13, 2003
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ghetto; cheap; also referring to poor or lower-class
Man, that school is so boot, all falling apart and dirty.
by Zhao Ziyang July 16, 2005
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1. To start or go do something. From the idea of booting up a computer. Often used with the word "it" or "up"
Wanna play some Melee?

Yeah, lets boot it up!

Dude, lets go boot some shakes from In-N-Out.
Sounds solid.
by D_R_ March 20, 2010
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injecting drug partially into a vein, then withdrawing blood into syringe before reinjecting
"Park up somewhere, I 'need' to ave a quick boot"
by VAKI5 August 20, 2003
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typically used to describe something that is undesirable or causing aggrivation.
They're late again?!? That shit's boooooot!
by Miguelita December 20, 2004
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a term describing a bad situation or something thats "wack"
u get insufficiant funds at the ATM.

ur response would be "that's boots man"
by casey meehan April 04, 2008
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