The feeling of utopia resulting from the consumption of more than 10 Boost chocolate bars in one sitting.
by sammy J li July 04, 2005
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adjective- to be excited and full of energy

verb- to make someone or a situation more intense or excited
After lunch, the students are all boost and hard to keep under control.

The students tried to boost the fight by screaming and yelling.
by pejota August 22, 2008
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To administer a drug intravenously.
"I mixed a quarter gram of shit on a spoon and boosted the fuckin' thing! I'm tweakin' so hard..."
by breaker104 November 28, 2007
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1. Measured in PSI
2. Your friend for life
3. You'll know it if you have it
4. See also Jack Cotton
Wow, this car has some serious BOOST!
My liver is on BOOST right now from all this booze!
by Chris Pape February 21, 2003
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boost12 shit talking slimmy meatball with a trailered maroon cobra street car with 3 parachutes. Typically found in the outer suburbs of chicago region. Easily provoked when a 100$ races are thrown at him.
EX: Boost 12 will run you at the track for $100 heads up
by tinker belle November 04, 2006
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Someone who is ‘The boost’ is the life of the party. They always give out positive energy and make everything more fun and exciting. Everybody loves to be around them. Being called ‘The boost’ is a huge compliment.
Did you see Marcus at the party last night? He really is the boost
by 4388bai August 27, 2020
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