17 definitions by OnE LoVe

A quirky 'sweet' reverence to man on man sexual action.
Jane: "Did you see those guys swirling cones?"
Phil: " yeah! They were going at it!"

Sam: " Hey! You wanna swirl cones?"
Tommy: "Duh!"
by OnE LoVe April 23, 2015
1)a person who grabs a titty and slings it
2)a total asswiper
1)i saw that knob Burl Smythe and gave him a tittyslinger.
2) Ben Dodd is the definition of a total tittyslinger!
by OnE LoVe April 18, 2005
In addition to a reach around, Gay Pablo instructed Queer Raoul to give him a French handshake.
by OnE LoVe August 22, 2003
another nickname for a dot head or a person from those crappy countries such as Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, and Saudi Arabia.
I went to the Quickie Mart and the dune coon raised all the prices!
by OnE LoVe February 16, 2005
dis be what lil jon and da eastside niggaz be drinkin to getz fukkked up boi!
Im fittin to drink dat crunk and get tore up from da floor up nukkaz!
by OnE LoVe December 9, 2004
When a person squeezes another persons cock between their ass cheeks.
Burl Gore gives the best muscular pancakes!! My dick was sore for a week!
by OnE LoVe October 16, 2004