Any item or service that is considered sub-par or ghetto quality. Boost is most commonly used to describe electronic devices such as mobile phones and computers.
1) Get your stank-ass Boost phone out of my face!

2) I think that new netbook you bought is Boost.

3) That top of the line wireless plan I bought just went Boost.
by AudioGuy13 December 13, 2010
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verb: same meaning as to go, but with a sense of speed.
I heavy boosted along to the indian take-away.
by Ynnhoj September 07, 2005
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Expression of exertion, mental or physical.

Originated from advertisements for Boost chocolate bars.
Elliot, arm wrestling Luke - Fucking BOOOOOST!
Luke - Arrrgh fuck! BOOOOOOOOST!


I boosted the fuck through the gaussian elimination of that 9x9 augmented matrix. Boost.
by E(GSJK) May 12, 2007
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A word used to express delight over one's good fortune, or happiness.
"He gave me the answers the the test, it was such a boost!"
"I was so boosted that we didn't have school Monday"
by Marcuss February 09, 2006
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to raise and exaggerate how badly something really is
Person 1: Woah, that was the best cake i've ever had
Person 2: Don't boost!
by Punjucitaiwanabegogowe February 27, 2008
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I wouldnt mind Boosting her..!

I heard he Boosted her last night..!

I need a boost..!
by Kristian Roberts November 15, 2006
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