Comic strip about a group of African-American city kids adjusting to life in white suburbia. Talentedly written by Aaron McGruder.

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Small kid: I´ve got a question...
Big kid: Is it a stupid question?
SK: Auctually, it´s a science question.
BK: Ok, shoot.
SK: What kind of rims do you think they put on the Mars Rover?
by Henric Hagelberg March 03, 2004
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From the Tagalog (Filipino) word "bundok" meaning mountain. "Boondocks" became a part of American vocabulary during the American-Philippine War, during which mountainous terrain afforded the Filipinos a position of strategic advantage in fighting for their country's independence. The boondocks served as a Filipino base of resistance while earning a word in everyday American language synonomous with "hinterlands."
During the American-Philippine War, the boondocks were highly contested terrain.
by Doctor Len October 23, 2005
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(n.) a remote or inaccessible area. usually used in conjunction with the article 'the'.

From the tagalog word "bundok", meaning 'mountain '
John: "Yo yo yo, how was the concert last night?"
Jane: "It was coo', 'cept we had to sit in the mutha-beepin BOONDOCKS!"
by k1 October 03, 2001
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in most areas of the U.S., boondocks means a rural area away from the city, see the sticks or B.F.E.
In N.Y.C. the boondocks is a reference to Long Island.
EPMD was from tha boondox. Brentwood, Long Island...
by shyster November 19, 2003
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