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A Boondocker is a person (or persons) who enjoy the outdoors away from modern society and whom visit National Forests and BLM land in their quest for freedom and solitude. They are typically Nature lovers and truly believe in "Pack it in, pack it out" and you will seldom be able to tell whether they have visited a location or not.

The mode of travel can be anything on wheels and if so driven they may as well have solar panels to aid in off the grid traveling and visiting locations. Many people are surprised at the education levels found within this group as they range from Doctorates to high school graduates or simply a GED. Whatever their education level, they all seem to have a common thread: To travel freely and enjoy the great outdoors with as little impact on Mother Earth and Society as they can.
I'm a boondocker and very proud of it.
by Katandthehat July 07, 2016

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